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TUR قانون البناء الجديد

ديريك ويلز

18 Mart 2023 22:00:00

لسوء الحظ، معلوماتي عن التحديثات الأخيرة المتعلقة بقانون البناء في تركيا محدودة حيث أن معرفتي تمتد فقط حتى يناير 2022.

Unfortunately, my information on the recent updates regarding the building law in Turkey is limited as my knowledge extends only until January 2022.

However, here is a general summary of the provisions and elements related to the building law in Turkey before my last update:

  1. Permits and Licenses:The building law in Turkey mandates obtaining permits and licenses before commencing any construction work. Specific procedures and approvals from relevant local authorities are required before initiating any building activity.

  2. Construction Standards:The law stipulates building standards and specifications that must be adhered to during construction processes. These standards encompass the quality of materials, construction techniques, structural and environmental safety.

  3. Environmental Protection:There's a focus on environmental preservation within the building law, outlining rules and measures to maintain environmental balance during construction and development.

  4. Inspection and Oversight:Mechanisms for inspection and oversight are included in the law to ensure compliance with specified standards and regulations and to ensure the safety of the construction.

  5. Penalties and Responsibilities:The law outlines penalties for violations and infractions during construction operations, specifying financial or legal responsibilities for non-compliance with the laws and regulations.

For precise and updated information on the current building laws in Turkey, it's advisable to consult local official sources or seek advice from a specialized real estate lawyer in Turkey familiar with the current legalities surrounding construction and building regulations in the country.

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